An update

Workshop sketch 2016
I have been looking back through my sketchbooks and this is one of the earliest and also one of my favourites. I like the loose line and directness of the image which was drawn and painted in situ.

I have not posted since we arrived back from New Zealand at the end of August, so this is a brief update.

After many cancelled bookings and a finally a 5 hour drive south to Christchurch to fly back north to Auckland to connect to our international flight home, we arrived in Dublin Covid free. Our car had been sitting in an underground car park for six months so needed a little coaxing from a mechanic to become mobile again but we finally limped back home with the advice ‘don’t switch the engine off ’till you get there!’

Life has been very busy since then. Taming the rampant growth in our garden took time and there were several issues that needed sorting out in the house. Herself’s website needed major work too, so hiking and sketching have been off the agenda.

Looking ahead

I am not sure what I will do with this site. Long distance hikes are not possible now due to persistent joint problems so there will only be occasional day hikes for the time being. Until the Covid pandemic weakens and lockdowns are lifted, trips will all need to be close to home anyway.

I imagine that this site will become more of an occasional journal so there may need to be some re-configuration – there are also a few technical issues that need to be ironed out.

In the meantime, Season’s Greetings and I am sure we are all looking forward to 2021 returning to some kind of normal.


  1. sulewath

    It’s been such a strange year, with nothing going as expected. Let’s hope that 2021 is a better one, your joint problems improve and you can enjoy hikes again, even if they have to be shorter ones. I hope you manage to post some of your sketches from time to time! Best wishes, S

  2. Robert

    Annoying for you to be suffering ‘at the joints’. But hopefully we will continue with some less strenuous jaunts. So you on the trail soon!

  3. Charles Baker

    Happy New Year and glad to see your post! Hope the year ahead brings good health. And hope to see you on the Sheep’s Head Way in the near future. -Your American Friends from the Dingle Way (Charles, Jason, Susan, and Valerie)

  4. Karol O'Mahony

    Hi Peter,
    I happened on your website as I was doing research on Blackwater Bridge & adjoining cottage near Sneem and found your beautiful sketch. I really enjoyed looking through your sketches especially those of buildings, what a lovely collection.
    Keep up the great artwork, the writing and hopefully the walking too!

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