Fort Augustus to Invermoriston

Summer House, Invermoriston

My trek along the Great Glen took me out of the clamour of Fort Augustus, where coaches had begun to arrive by 9:00, up and up through pinewoods with cascading burns, until suddenly I emerged above the tree line onto rolling moorland high above Loch Ness in breezy sunshine. It’s not until one sees the Loch from up here that its size can be appreciated. It is vast, stretching away to the north east beyond sight. Two fighter planes flew past, well below me, and boats were barely discernable pinpoints on the water.

I passed the highest point on the route where I was hoping to rest but a walking group were there before me so I pressed on, finally stopping for my rations of oatcakes and cheese before passing back down through the tree line to begin the steep zig-zag path down towards Invermoriston. The small village and busy road were within view and earshot but the route played a mean trick, dog-legging away for another kilometre before finally joining the road into my destination.

Summer House, Invermoriston
Summer House, Invermoriston

Invermoriston sits by a bridge over the river Moriston with a beautiful Thomas Telford arched bridge now resting unused next to a modern concrete one. Waterfalls cascade down a gorge towards Loch Ness and there is St Columbus’ Holy Well which Herself would like if she were here.

St Columba's Well, Invermoriston
St Columba’s Well, Invermoriston

Today was 12km, tomorrow is nearly twice that and heavy rain is forecast.


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