Lockdown Loops – 4

Megalithic stones with strong shadows - watercolour sketch
Megalithic stones with strong shadows - watercolour sketch
Two stones of the circle facing the Mizen across Dunmanus Bay

Stone Circle Loop

I took an evening walk by the stone circle as the shadows were lengthening, throwing the stones into sharp relief. The circle stands on a knoll with a stream running along its base and the axis from the portal stones (now fallen) across to the small recumbent seems to be aligned on the slope of the prominent hill of Roskerrig. The area around the circle has been cleared recently, revealing all of its features.

After the stone circle I continued on the Sheep’s Head Way across rough ground with views up to the ridge and down to Dunmanus Bay before joining a short farm track and then over a stone stile onto the road.

There is a junction in the routes here, one fork leading up between Gorteanish and Ardanenig on the Barán Loop, another to the Mass Path that crosses a low saddle on the ridge and forms part of the Glanlough Loop and the third downhill on the main Sheep’s Head Way. I carried on down the road, turned left at the junction and then followed the ‘circuit’ that we walk often – up the hill, down and up again and then back down yet again to the coast.

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About the route

A gentle stroll of a loop with great views and the enigmatic stone circle, always worth a visit.

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