Splendid Isolation – 22

Mosaic covered mailbox. Watercolour sketch
Mosaic covered mailbox. Watercolour sketch
Mosaic Mail

I have updated a few things on this website after moving it to a new server. If you notice any issues, please do contact me. I have limited ability to make changes working on an Android tablet, but at least I can access my own site more easily now.

We are expecting Jacinda to announce details of a possible relaxation of the lockdown level tomorrow. Wednesday will be the end of the 4 weeks of Level 4 so there may be an immediate change or a date in the future. Everyone is looking forward to at least some change!


    1. Peter Clarke

      Really refreshing to see effective, transpareht, compassionate and empathetic politics in action. (Good to see that you have commented here! Thanks!)

  1. Robert Harris

    All seems to be working ok – except for the ‘like’ button – which doesn’t appear!

      1. Peter Clarke

        I have disabled ‘Like’ buttons. I have tried everything to get them to get them to load but no success yet.

  2. Finola

    Lovely mailbox- mosaic? Looking forward here to some relaxation too but it won’t be until May.

  3. Ashley

    Peter, it’s not just the LIKE button which you have removed but apparently you LIKED my comment which arrived in my email a/c but it doesn’t show up beside my comment!

    1. Peter Clarke

      Yes – I can like comments from the WordPress app on my phone but they don’t show up on my site. Very frustrating. I have given up trying to find a solution for the time being as it was taking too much time and I was becoming obsessed with it! Others have similar problems but have not found a solution.

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