Splendid Isolation – 23

Old mailbox made from scrap metals. Watercolour sketch
Old mailbox made from scrap metals. Watercolour sketch
Recycled Mail

I like how this mailbox is made from re-used materials.

Yesterday (Monday), Jacinda announced that New Zealand will reduce its lockdown to level 3 next Monday night, so on Tuesday 28th there will be a little more freedom of movement while social distancing and limited travel will still be in place. Business may resume if safe working conditions can be used and schools can have limited opening.

It has been wonderful to watch Jacinda Ardern manage Covid-19 in New Zealand with such effectiveness, compassion and empathy. She is exactly the type of politician the world needs.

As regular followers of this site will know, there have been some minor issues after moving to a new server so I could have easier access. I have now added a different ‘Like’ button to posts and comments. It does not work like the old one but may be better than nothing!

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  1. Ashley

    Perhaps you might suggest JA moves to the northern hemisphere, RoI perhaps, population roughly the same as NZ? I also like the painting with its muted colours.

  2. Lorraine Gibb

    This is the first time I’ve been given access to commenting. Whoo hoo !! You’re so talented Peter and daily I’ve enjoyed your art. The mailbox series is incredible and needs to be shown in some other format. Book, exhibition. ???

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