Splendid Isolation – 27

Church of the Sacred Heart, Takaka. Watercolour sketch
Church of the Sacred Heart, Takaka. Watercolour sketch
Sacred Heart, Takaka

This modest building is dwarfed by the huge, beautiful tree next to it and the mountains behind.

A sunny weekend. We walked to the Paines Ford track and explored some of the climbing areas now that they are deserted. Some impressive rocks deep in the bush but you wouldn’t see me attempting them, I got vertigo just looking up!

It feels as if we are coming out of a tunnel now that the lockdown will reduce to level 3 by Tuesday. The temptation will be to push the still restrictive limits. I  hope that does not cause an up-tick in the curve, there were only 4 new cases yesterday, all in known clusters. I follow a WhatsApp group of Irish people trying to get home from New Zealand and asked those who had returned successfully what had happened as they arrived. I was told they were given a leaflet, that’s all, while New Zealand imposes quarantine. The payments for out of work people came through in two days here but I understand many are still waiting in Ireland. The death toll in Ireland is over 1000 and the UK is staggeringly high at over 20,000. Here it is 18, so we made the right decision to stay don’t you think?



  1. Sean Barrett

    Lovely sketches and I would say you are both in much safer place there, perhaps good timing…
    Keep sketching most enjoyable!

    1. Peter Clarke

      It’s not that I don’t like it, the materials I have with me make it very hard to get the results I want.

  2. Ashley

    Lovely painting. As previous comment you should do more buildings. You’ll be there for a while yet so no excuses!
    A thought: NZ pop. 5 million, land area 270 km2; RoI pop. 5 million, land area 70 km2; UK pop 70 million, land area 250 km2 (all figures approximate) NZ must be close to paradise!

  3. Peter Clarke

    I wonder if you all realise how small these sketches are! This one is barely 150mm square. The little church was relatively simple, but very tiny on the paper (the shaft of the cross on the roof is around 1mm). The paper is rough so detail is difficult to record. So please don’t ask for the impossible! More architecture when I feel it is achievable, but otherwise no. Sorry!

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