Splendid Isolation – 29

Pohutukawa Gallery, Takaka

Loosening up

You asked for more architecture…

One of the reasons I was reluctant to sketch more of the local architecture was that it was leading me towards a tightness and lack of expression in my drawing style, so this one is an attempt to completely break away from that. This is done in the loosest, most direct way, using a different paper surface and not bothering too much about accurate detail. I quite like it.

Pohutukawa is a New Zealand tree that has crimson flowers around Christmas time. (You can read about it and its history HERE). This building has a typical old veranda structure above a modern shop facade painted crimson.

The end of Level 4 yesterday has brought a sense of freedom. Although the restrictions  are still relatively tight, being able to travel locally feels liberating.


  1. Ashley

    The great thing about pictures of buildings is you can later pinpoint the location. I’m not sure you can always do that with some landscapes.

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