Splendid Isolation – 3

Post box Number 28

Another day, another post box!

Post box Number 28
No 28

We have been on Grandie Duty today. Getting the hang of it now!

Perhaps the most irksome restriction as part of the lockdown is that we can’t drive to the wonderful beaches near here. So it’s local walks only. As the days pass, more things crop up that we might do without a thought in normal times. The adjustments to daily life may take a while to settle in.


  1. Robert

    Peter, I think you’re getting well into the New Zealand colours now with your postbox sketches: They are a joy! Could there be a hidden message in this series about the importance of communication in these times?

    1. Peter Clarke

      Thanks. It has taken a while to get used to the intense light here, quite different from the soft light of Ireland. I am taking more time over the current painting so perhaps not as free as my usual style but I am enjoying it and have more time to use! The post keeps coming here, and I hear that the ‘flags’ can be used to show that there is post to go and the post person picks it up. NZ seems so sensible!

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