Splendid Isolation – 33

Monza Gallery, Takaka. Watercolour sketch
Monza Gallery, Takaka. Watercolour sketch
Monza Gallery, Takaka

This charming building has a very attractive canopy with cast iron pillars and the decorations on the facade are expertly done. The colourful decor would fit in well in West Cork!

We had very heavy rain on Saturday night and the creek just down the road which is normally dry was gushing. The main Takaka river was a torrent of angry water. Sunshine and rainbows today.

I went into town for some essential supplies. The pharmacy serves prescriptions from a window at the rear with only contactless payments and for other items one waits in the doorway to be served by an assistant. Isn’t that almost the way things used to be done with a shop counter and sometimes a booth just for payment?

One thing I can’t get used to here is the 11 hour time difference. This site is set to the time in Ireland so for many of you, this post will seem to have been published in the future and we will already have lived nearly half the day that has just started for you. (If you see what I mean?)



  1. Robert

    That’s a fascinating concept, Peter – that you are living in the future! Maybe this could be an advantage: if the world is suddenly struck by an awful plague you could let us know in advance and we could prepare by putting on our hard hats… Apart from that, another great architectural rendering.

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