Splendid Isolation – 36

Whale mailbox made from corrugate. Watercolour sketch
Whale mailbox made from corrugate. Watercolour sketch
Whale mail

We often go to Pohara for a morning walk along the cinder path that runs along the top of the dunes. It passes some posh beach houses with some seriously expensive architectural notions. On the return route there are some very creative mailboxes like this one which is fashioned from corrugated metal.

Level 2 lockdown comes into operation on Thursday lifting many restrictions. Whilst maintaining social distancing in extended ‘bubbles’ of up to 10 people, shops may re-open; restaurants, and a few days later, bars can also operate but with seated customers only; schools and play groups can open from next Monday and life can begin to get back to normal. It will be interesting to see if infections can be kept in check but there is a comprehensive testing regime in place that should limit the spread of any new cases.

Once again it has been uplifting to compare Jacinda Ardern’s clear, caring, selfless and intelligently positive announcement with Boris Johnson’s which seems to have been greeted with general bewilderment.


  1. sulewath

    Wow! What was the mailbox made of – metal?
    Interesting to hear what’s happening in New Zealand and glad we have Nicola in charge in Scotland!

    1. Peter Clarke

      It’s corrugated metal, quite large (over a metre probably). There is another animal mailbox just along the same road that I may do tomorrow. I could probably keep going with mailboxes for weeks, I keep coming across more!

    1. Peter Clarke

      And in the same road there is a genuine Futuro house. Google it if you don’t know about them, but I suspect you do. Fascinating architecture typical of the 60s & 70s.

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