Splendid Isolation – 38

Mailbox painted with a cow's head. Watercolour sketch
Mailbox painted with a cow's head. Watercolour sketch
Cow Mail

Paton’s Rock is another of the nearby beaches we visit regularly. There are a few creative mailboxes along the road that runs behind the dunes. I particularly like the use of the cow’s ear tag to show the house number on this one!

I went to Nelson with my son on Thursday. It was quite busy now that a lower level of lockdown is in place. The schools don’t resume until next Monday so there were plenty of young people pleased to be gathering for the first time in weeks, albeit in groups of no more than ten. Most of the shops were open with ‘one out, one in’ rules and registration in case contact tracing is needed. My hands were sanitised raw by the end of the day.

The main mission of the trip was to buy a used vehicle, sharing the cost with our son which should be cheaper than renting. We now have a large, black Nissan Serena, a Japanese import, sitting outside with enough seats for a small army. A map of Tokyo pops up on the dash display until we can find how to turn it off!



  1. Sean Barrett

    Sounds like things are improving for you all out there, good luck & enjoy motor !

  2. Finola

    You’ll be buying curtains next. Don’t get too comfortable there – West Cork misses you.

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