Splendid Isolation – 39

Wooden mailbox. Watercolour sketch
Wooden mailbox. Watercolour sketch
Chalet mail

Another of the mailboxes behind Paton’s Rock beach. This one may not have all of the creative impact of some others but it probably struck my eye because it is constructed from the same machined components as the house we are staying in. These create a ‘log cabin’ type of structure with interlocking beams forming the walls and protruding joints at each intersection like the back of this mailbox.

Some cold nights and very fresh mornings recently have challenged the clothes we brought, expecting a warmer season. Some replacements have been bought and I wore trousers instead of shorts today having held out too long, trying to ignore the drop in temperature. I have also discovered the blissful comfort of a heat under-blanket for the first time!


  1. Finola

    I hope it’s a one-side blanket as I can’t imagine herself tolerating the heat. The mailbox reminds me of the house we rented in Wicklow all those years ago.

    1. Peter Clarke

      It does have dual controls but she has been creeping over to my side so I turned hers on yesterday with no complaints!

  2. Ashley

    Marvelous painting for your collection! I hope there are plenty of other scenes too, to remind you of your stay there. Here at 54oN the sun is trying to come out!

    1. Peter Clarke

      Enjoy the sunshine! Here it has been sunny and clear but cold early and late. An unusual spell of fine weather for the time of year apparently.

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