Splendid Isolation – 4

Post boxes - The Even Teens (No Junk Mail)

A sunny Saturday in Golden Bay. Sounds as if home is the place to stay for more and more people today.

Still relatively few cases in New Zealand but the numbers creep up every day and the next couple of weeks will be the real test. Nothing more to say about this except perhaps ‘be kind and stay safe’!

Post boxes - The Even Teens (No Junk Mail)
The Even Teens (No Junk Mail)

This wonderful group of post boxes are on a neatly manicured lawn and serve most of the even teens. It amused me that despite the sign, there were papers in most of them, but they were probably the local newspaper which is popular here.


  1. Robert

    You may have heard we have to stay in our houses for two weeks… but can exercise within two kilometres. I like your ‘Even Teens’ boxes.

    1. Peter Clarke

      Not such a specific limit here but definitely no driving to beaches etc. There are a few good walks locally but hiking definitely out. It is eerily quiet on the roads.

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