Splendid Isolation – 40

Mailbox painted in marine colours. Watercolour sketch
Mailbox painted in marine colours. Watercolour sketch
Sea mail

This colourful mailbox has marine scenes painted on it. Another of the creative offerings from the road behind Paton’s Rock beach.

We strolled into town this morning where everything was looking colourful in the crisp sunlight. Most shops and cafes are open now with a variety of social distancing measures in place. Herself bought warm woolly things and a red beret.

We sat outside Dangerous Kitchen for coffees. I had a dangerous ‘Paleo/Vegan Chocolate Caramel Slice’ but I don’t think an ancient Paleo would have recognised any of the ingredients!


  1. Lorraine Gibb

    Forty superb sketches, love them all. I’ve had “issues” with getting an account with World Press, so tonight I made a brand spanking new one, so far so good.
    We Loved Dangerous Kitchen

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