Splendid Isolation- 41

Van Mail. Mailbox in the shape of a red van. Watercolour sketch
Van Mail. Mailbox in the shape of a red van. Watercolour sketch
Van Mail

I haven’t actually seen this mailbox. A friend sent a photo from their visit to Geraldine and I have worked from that. We should have visited Doug and Lorraine on our tour way back in March but couldn’t of course. Lorraine takes great photos and we met them through the Blipfoto website which hosts a wonderfully friendly community.

There was an earthquake this morning, magnitude 5.8 centred off Levin on the southwest coast of North Island. Everyone here felt it, except me! I was in the shower at the time and just didn’t notice anything.

Some heavy rain last night and the weather today is very Irish – damp, humid and overcast but the clouds rising from the valleys on the nearby hills are beautiful.


    1. Peter Clarke

      An Post probably has some kind of rule about them. I can’t recall seeing anything but the standard issue mailboxes!

  1. Lorraine Helen Gibb

    I tried last night to leave a comment on this, but to no avail. This looks better that the real thing Peter. I didn’t expect to see this as art. When I saw it it reminded me of your series in Takaka so took a quick pic and zipped it up to A. We didn’t feel the earthquake, but our Wellington family surely did.

    1. Peter Clarke

      Thanks! Pleased you managed to post a comment, I have no idea why the problems happen, its very frustrating!

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