Splendid Isolation – 42

Drystone built mailbox. Watercolour sketch
Drystone built mailbox. Watercolour sketch
Dry-stone Mail

This carefully built dry-stone mailbox is in Clifton, near The Grove Scenic Reserve and Pohara. The stones seem to have been selected for their colours and the sturdy little door reminds me of the Fairy Houses often left under trees in Irish woods.

We went over the hill to Nelson yesterday for essential shopping. I visited the Suter Art Gallery which currently hosts an exhibit where:

11 artists reflect on encounters between Māori and Pākehā at Meretoto Ship Cove in Tōtara-nui Queen Charlotte Sound during Cook’s three voyages 1770-1777

‘Pākehā’: New Zealanders primarily of European descent

I enjoyed the exhibition but perhaps more importantly, found a pounamu pendant for Herself. Pounamu is New Zealand greenstone and the different designs have spiritual meaning. Hers is a spiral, a ‘Koru’ representing new beginnings, life and hope and is based on the unfurling frond of the native New Zealand silver fern. Pounamu are thought of traditionally as gifts rather than something that one buys oneself.



  1. adrianrthomasgmailcom

    Excellent – i see my next project materialising – should keep me busy for a week 🙂

    lovely picture too – thanks.

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