Splendid Isolation – 47

Dark native bush, The Grove, Clifton, New Zealand. Watercolour sketch
Dark native bush, The Grove, Clifton, New Zealand. Watercolour sketch
Nikau Palm jungle. The Grove, Clifton

This one has been a while. After several failed attempts to capture the dark, mysteriously prehistoric Grove Scenic Reserve I came back to rework one that I had abandoned earlier. I think I have had ‘imposter syndrome’ which shut down my creativity for a few days!

Life after lockdown is busier now there are no restrictions on daily life and in many ways I preferred the quieter time. Ireland is easing restrictions too so we have decided to return early in August, hoping that there will not be a significant change for the worse. Booking flights was a challenge but Emirates were good at redeeming our credit for cancelled flights. Unfortunately Air New Zealand weren’t so we have still have unused credit for next time.



  1. sulewath

    These paintings are so different from all the others and you’ve captured the dark mysterious atmosphere well.
    What a long time you’re having to wait for a flight home, though.

    1. Peter Clarke

      Thanks! One of the differences is that I have not used black pen line. We could have found earlier flights but wanted things in Ireland to be more settled. It even looks as if the quarantine requirements may be lifted by August.

  2. Ashley

    This is a wonderful painting; the light and the dark is great.
    It must be good to now have plans for a return home!

    1. Peter Clarke

      Thank you! It is, but not looking forward to the 17 + 7 hour flights with compulsory mask and gloves and minimal cabin baggage. It will be hard leaving the family though.

  3. Robert

    I really like this ‘moody’ style of yours, Peter. Also good to hear that you have a return planned – we’ve missed you!

  4. lorrainehg

    Take Two….You certainly nailed it this time. Fabulous, dark and mysterious – and that is how it was.

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