Splendid Isolation – 49

Rata roots on rock. Watercolour sketch
Rata roots on rock. Watercolour sketch

The Northern Rata is a fascinating tree. This one, near the entrance to The Grove Scenic Reserve in Clifton has sent its huge roots over a very large rock and soars majestically above it. It is difficult to show the scale of this tree, the rock is probably 6 metres high and the single root on the right is nearly half a metre in diameter. On all sides of the rock roots twine around it.

We have been watching how things are unfolding back home in Ireland and it may be that we won’t need to self isolate on return, depending on an announcement later this month. But careless social gatherings do seem to be proliferating (or is that just media hype?) so who knows which way the curve will go? Only time will tell.


  1. Finola

    I thought the rock was a big stone tomb at first. Yes, careless gatherings are happening here. Resurgence inevitable.

  2. adrianrthomasgmailcom

    While you might not be obliged to isolate it would certainly be a wise thing to do as much as possible.

  3. Ashley

    Splendid painting! If you had added a figure or a dog maybe a bicycle, it would have highlighted the scale of the rock and tree.

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