Splendid Isolation – 52

Pohara Bandstand, watercolour sketch
Pohara Bandstand, watercolour sketch
Pohara Bandstand

This little rotunda bandstand sits at the end of Pohara beach with the sea on one side and high cliffs on the other. Bands played here since 1881, originally in a tent that tended to blow away and then in this bandstand built in 1934/5 and restored in 1987. It is one of the 44 remaining from the 100 that used to exist around the country.

I walked all of Pohara beach at low tide when the sea recedes a long way over the shallow sand-flats. I passed only two other people and apart from a few dog-walkers in the distance the beach was empty except for flocks of wading birds, mostly noisy Oyster Catchers and gulls. In the estuary opposite Rototai there were white Spoonbills.

Banks of shells marked the high-tide line and heaps of sun-bleached driftwood were scattered along the top of the beach against the low dunes.

Including the return to Clifton, I walked about 13km, enjoying the quiet solitude.



  1. Finola

    Bandstands seem so Edwardian. A particular one featured in my youth and we paused to admire it this week.

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