Splendid Isolation – 13

Old truck being reclaimed by nature, watercolour sketch
Old truck being reclaimed by nature, watercolour sketch
Going back to nature

This faded beauty is slowly being reclaimed by nature. She still has a Bunny at the wheel though! (part of the local community Bear Hunt).

I have been looking at the repatriation flights leaving New Zealand for Dublin but I think it would be safer to wait it out here where there are currently no local clusters of infection, rather than taking risks by standing about in airports or sitting in crowded planes. We are not due to leave until near the end of April but that is probably unlikely so it is just a matter of staying put and being grateful for what we have. But there is always a nagging thought – just how long will it be…?


  1. Adrian Thomas

    Stick it out – if you rush home you’ll end up in hospital wishing you hadn’t. Enjoy. Adrian

  2. sulewath

    I know how you feel! Im in the same situation. All we can do is take it day by day, keep safe where we are and not think about how long it will be before it’s safe to fly home.

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