Tempus Fugit

Derelict Bedford truck. Watercolour sketch
Derelict Bedford truck. Watercolour sketch

Time flies. It has been a long time since I posted anything here.

As the years go by, as creaky joints creak more and as other age-related issues intervene, I can only manage shorter walks and find myself unable to take on the long hikes that I could when I started this site.

My sketching has tended to dry up too. It was closely associated with my hiking so I have been struggling to find the motivation to keep at it. I hope to remedy that, perhaps not as regularly as before and perhaps departing from previous subject matter too.

This website has been a little neglected too so I have made a few changes, mostly updating out-of-date technical things and just a few tweaks to how it looks.

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Route maps on this site

Please remember that many of the routes described on this site may now be well out of date so my maps should not be relied upon. Please research routes yourself before embarking on them and take a current map with you whenever possible.


  1. Adrian Thomas

    Good to hear you’re on the move again. Your sketches are lovely so looking forward to some more.

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