Lockdown Loops – 3

Ruined stone building - watercolour sketch

The old road to the lough

A loop via the old road towards Kilcrohane, around Farranamanagh Lough and back.

After several days of bad weather and a night of wild wind and lashing rain, it was good to get out on a brighter day. We followed the old green road again to Farranamanagh (‘The lands of the monks’) and down to the lough past inquisitive alpacas. The pebble ridge that separates the lough from the sea had been partly breached in the storm and the resident swans were nowhere to be seen.

Ruined stone building - watercolour sketch

As we climbed up the steep muddy path above the lough, the cold wind hit us. After a quick stop for lunch in the little ruined building at the top of the hill we continued on past the ‘Bardic School’, crossed the road at Dromnea and re-joined the green road by the ‘Well of the Poets’ to return.

The old road was the main route between Ahakista and Kilcrohane before the mid 19th century when the existing modern road replaced it. It was part of the military road that ran along the Sheep’s Head peninsula to a signal tower near its tip. Walking along it I often find myself imagining those who have travelled before me; the ghosts of the past feel very close there.

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About the route

This is a ‘pan-handle’ loop (with a very long handle!)

The loop starts at waypoint 444 on the Sheep’s Head Way, and follows the old green road towards Kilcrohane. Where the Sheep’s Head Way turns left above the ‘Well of the Poets’ it keeps straight on to join the road and follows it to the right before turning down to Farranamanagh Lough. From there the main Sheep’s Head Way is joined again, looping back past the ‘Bardic School’ and Dromnea before turning back towards the start.

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Distance: 8.7km


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